Tap position Indicators

V-CARE’s TAP POSITION INDICATOR is used to indicate the tap position of the power transformer with On-Load Tap-Changer (OLTC). The step resistance is connected between each tap position at the transformer end. The minimum, maximum and wiper (common) connections are brought to the Tap position Indicator. The tap position is indicated in numbers depending on the position of the wiper. On pressing INC/TEST key, all the segments of the display will glow. This is for checking the health of display.  When the unit is powered ON, it conducts the health check by checking one segment at a time and it also indicates the maximum tap position set for the unit. Maximum position can be set by the user (for more info, see Setting Procedure). The unit also gives isolated current output proportional to the current tap position. The Span and Offset setting potentiometers are provided on the back panel for minor adjustment of the current output.



  • Micro-controller based unit 
  • Digital Readout of Tap Position.
  • Maximum number of tap position 99
  • Automatic detection of Step Resistance
  • Display Health check mode
  • One channel 4-20mAdc output corresponding to the Tap position
  • 110V or 230V AC Supply / 48Vdc (FACTORY SET)

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