Power Monitor

The power monitors are designed to monitor the load on tool without any external sensors mounted on the tool, in induction motor driven applications. 

There are three models:

Power Monitor Model: PM4633

Power Monitor Model : PM2010

Power Monitor Model : PM1010

Power Monitor Model: PM4633

In this model, the load is measured indirectly by measuring the input power to the motor. The power drawn by the motor increases, with increase in load on the tool. There will be a substantial increase in the input power during accident condition like tool breakage or jamming. This condition can be sensed and the motor can be tripped, avoiding further accidents.


The induction motor draws more current during starting. To avoid tripping during starting, a start-up delay is provided. A trip-off delay is also provided to avoid tripping because of momentary increase in load due to hard spots or electromagnetic interference. Provision to set start-up delay, trip-off delay, set limit and offset is provided on the front panel. All these parameters are user settable. LED’s are provided on the front panel to indicate the parameters being displayed and also to indicate the control relay status. The control relay is de-energized whenever the actual value exceeds the set value.



  • Gun drilling operation.
  • Milling operation.
  • Boring operation.
  • Conveyer systems.
  • Other induction motor driven applications.


  • True power measurement using IC techniques.
  • Continuous load monitor of the tool.
  • Programmable set point.
  • LED indication for overload and potential free contact for control.
  • Adjustable gain to work with motors of different ratings.
  • Programmable start-up delay takes care of overloads during starting.
  • Programmable trip-off delay takes care of momentary overloads
  • Standard DIN enclosure.

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