Belt Breakage Monitor

Speed switches or Belt breakage Monitor are used to help maintain the operational integrity of the conveyors and are a critical component of any safe and efficient operation. It is vital in many cases that a relatively constant speed is maintained – if a conveyor was to experience unwanted slowdown or even complete stoppage, the results could be disastrous and dangerous.

This Low cost Speed switch takes inputs from proximity switch. User can set the Speed, start- up delay, trip-off delay, Hysteresis and Teeth ratio, from the tactile keys on board. The input pulses from the proximity switch are converted to RPM. The RPM is compared with the set value and a relay is operated if the speed is lower or greater than the set speed even after the start-up delay is elapsed and the low speed condition persists for a time more than the trip-off delay. The unit is calibrated to operate between 60 rpm to 9999 rpm. The unit operates at a wide voltage range from 10Vdc to 30Vdc and consumes ultra low current of just 30mA.


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