Digital Panel meters

Panel meters are instruments that display an input signal in an analog or digital form. Panel meters take a sample of the voltage or current to create a visual representation of the measured value. Voltage measurements are read across the line, while current measurements are taken in series with the load.

Amongst the different types of panel meters, the digital panel meters offer the greatest resolution. Digital Meters offer an easier to read display, especially in low light, also providing greater resolution. The readings can be the same between an analog and digital meter, but in the cases where the input signal constantly changes, the analog meter may be preferable. 

With the digital meter, the display is much easier to see at a glance than an analog meter. Digital panel meters can also offer greater functionality and can be reconfigured to display volts, amps, temperature or any other engineering unit, for different type of inputs. Relay outputs are sometimes available, allowing the meter to control a process based on the measured input signal or display value.

Number of Digits : 4 Digit & 5 Digit with programmable decimal point

Types of input      : DC voltage, DC current & Frequency (RPM)

Type of Output    : Parameter display with settable gain, Relay Output, Analog Voltage/Current Output & PWM output.

Construction         : Present support with industrial standard half DIN panel mount type enclosure.


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